“ISO 50001 requires that the company shall conduct and document an “energy planning” process. Accordingly:

  • Energy planning shall be consistent with the energy policy and shall lead to activities that continually improve energy performance.
  • Energy planning shall involve a review of the organization's activities that can affect energy performance”. (IMO: Module 6. 2016, 20.)

“ISO 5001 stipulates that based on this, the company shall develop, record and maintain an energy review. The “energy review” advocated by ISO 50001 is similar to an “energy audit”. The output of energy review will include the following:

  • Energy baseline(s)
  • Energy performance indicators
  • Objectives,
  • Targets
  • Energy efficiency measures

The above outputs will be directly used for the design and implementation of the EnMS”. (IMO: Module 6. 2016, 20.)