Future innovative technologies, fuels and operations processes

The measures included are those innovative technologies, fuels and operation methods that:

  • Possess a clear theoretical potential for emission reductions or efficiency improvements that is either not yet tested in real-world application or exists primarily in a prototype phase of development.
  • Are available and ready to be deployed and is in limited or niche use, but with a substantial potential for expansion if certain key barriers like cost can be overcome.
  • Are being used at land-side facilities or in other applications from which it can be adapted and re-engineered for application in the maritime sector.

Figure 43 below shows a large number of alternatives in this area, some relating to existing technologies, but some are purely new measures.

Figure 43: Summary of innovative and emerging technologies (MEPC 68 INF.16).

As can be seen, many of these measures are judged to reduce not only air pollutants (NOx and PM) but also improve (increase) the energy efficiency of the ship and reduce costs (MariEMS 2017).