SEEMP verification and International Energy Efficiency (IEE) Certificate

The verification of SEEMP is only limited to checking if a SEEMP is on board

Upon a successful verification and EEDI and SEEMP, where applicable, the following sets of documents will be issued to the ship by the verifier:

  • An IEE Certificate
  • A Record of Construction for Energy Efficiency will be attached to the certificate

As indicated before, IEE Certification will have the following specifics:

  • The IEE Certificate will be valid throughout the life of the ship unless:
  • If the ship is withdrawn from service; or
  • If a new certificate is issued following major conversion of the ship; or
  • Upon transfer of the ship to the flag of another State.
  • Any port State inspection shall be limited to verifying, when appropriate, that there is a valid IEE Certificate on board, in accordance with Article 5 of the MARPOL Convention (MariEMS 2017).