Steam for cargo discharge or ballast water operation

Certain ships such as large crude oil and product tankers as well as ships for the need for large ballast pump may use steam-driven turbines to drive the cargo and ballast pumps.

In these ships, extra boilers are operated to drive the cargo pump steam turbines as well as for inert gas generation. Cargo pump driven steam turbines are highly inefficient (with an overall efficiency of about 10-15%) and care should be exercised in their usage level.

During cargo discharging operations, vacuum should be maintained properly in the vacuum condenser. This will ensure better work transfer across the steam turbine thereby increasing output at the same boiler load. During cargo discharging operation, better coordination and planning must be maintained with the terminal personnel (loading master, terminal representatives as also on board with deck and engine department so as to reduce idle firing period of main boilers; reducing unnecessary / prolonged cargo oil pumps warm up period, idle running of inert gas plant etc. (MariEMS 2017).