ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System

The ECDIS takes the information from the approved electronic chart and reproduce an image on a display system. The ECDIS can however do much more as it also has, as a minimum, the speed, water depth and position input from sensors so these other ship’s information are accessible by it and can always be seen. The ECDIS is used to include the ships passage plan on and it has the ability to analyse the ships route and provide alerts for better ship course control. The ECDIS will also alert the “officer of the watch” of deviations from any pre-program’s safety zones set by the officer or master. All the above capabilities are relevant to some important energy efficiency measures such as weather routing and route planning, course control and so on. With ECDIS, the latest navigational information is introduced automatically, saving companies a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent researching and gathering (MariEMS 2017).