IMO data collection system

IMO data collection” is applied to ship fuel consumption and possibly other parameters. The system will have three main elements:

  • Data collection by ships;
  • Flag State functions (data verification and submission); and
  • Establishment of a centralised database by the IMO and annual submissions.
  • It will be applicable to ships greater than 5000 GT.
  • The reporting period will be annually with no need for voyage data declaration.
  • IMO number for ship will be part of the data for ship identification purposes.
  • Ship’s registered owner will be responsible for submission of data to Administration. Responsibility of reporting remains with the ship.
  • Flag Administration will be responsible for verification of the data; this can be delegated to Recognized Organizations (e.g. Class Societies).
  • A Statement of Compliance (SOC) will be issued to the ship annually.
  • Port State Control will examine the validity of SOC for enforcement.
  • Confidentiality of the data and who will have access to collected data.
  • Guidelines will be developed to deal with various aspects of relevant regulations detailing main features of data collection method and data verification.
  • The need for transport work data or energy efficiency indicator and other relevant data has yet to be debated and decided.