Company Energy Policy and Energy review

The energy policy will need to be prepared for the company as a whole. To achieve maximum reduction of GHGs, it is important that the management has a policy to improve the energy efficiency of all the ships it operates. The content of the policy will be influenced and dictated by the company’s nature of business, the types of ships, the area of operation, the trade the ships are on, the size of the fleet and overall company strategies (MariEMS 2017).

As part of SEEMP and also CEnMS developments, energy planning and reviews or audits need to be carried out. Energy reviews can be used either as part of planning or monitoring phases of the energy management activities. For planning phase purposes, the end result of energy review or audit would be a set of recommendations on best ways of saving energy in the form of a prioritized list of Energy Efficiency Measures (MariEMS 2017).