Measures categories

Existing measures are grouped into three major categories:

  • Equipment measures
  • Energy measures
  • Operational measures

Equipment measures. Equipment measures consist of the following groups that are applicable mainly to diesel engines and boilers:

  • Engine technologies
  • Boiler technologies
  • After-treatment technologies

Energy measures. The “energy” measures relate to energy sources used by a ship, whether they are physically located on board or on land (e.g., shore power). Energy measures include the following groups:

  • Alternative fuels
  • Alternative power supply

Operational measures. The operational measures refer to those that primarily affect and focus on the operation of the ship, terminal, or port and can be implemented for reduction of emissions of ships in the port area. This can take the form of operational efficiency improvement on board, at the terminal, and/or at the port. Operational measures include the following groups:

  • Ship operational efficiencies
  • Port/terminal operational efficiencies
  • VOC working losses (MariEMS 2017).