EEDI Survey and Verification

EEDI verification is carried out by flag Administration (and most likely on their behalf by the by the Classification Societies or ROs), using corresponding data and documents and observing the ship’s model tank tests and ship’s commissioning sea trials. The EEDI verification takes place in two stages:

  • Pre-verification
  • Final verification

Pre-verification is done at the ship’s design stage whereas final verification is carried out after construction and as part of the ship’s commissioning sea trials; at the end of ship construction. Relevant ship design data, tank test data and speed trial data will be subject to scrutiny and verification by ROs. The aforementioned IMO guidelines on EEDI verification are developed to ensure consistency of verification, although some important issues such as speed-power scaling methods and unified approach for correction of the measured data has yet to be harmonized as part of industry practices (MariEMS 2017).

Figure below shows the overall process diagram for EEDI verification.

Figure 10: EEDI verification process (MariEMS 2017).