Management Review

“Within ISO 50001, the management review has been clarified and is a requirement. For the review purposes, some inputs to management review meetings are required and some output is expected to be generated. Inputs to the management review include:

  • Follow-up actions from previous management reviews;
  • Review of the energy policy;
  • Review of energy performance and related indicators;
  • Results of the evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements;
  • The extent to which the energy objectives and targets have been met;
  • The EnMS audit results;
  • The status of corrective actions and preventive actions;
  • Projected energy performance for the following period;
  • Recommendations for improvement.

Outputs from the management review are expected to be items such as:

  • Changes in the energy performance of the organization;
  • Changes to the energy policy;
  • Changes to the energy performance indicators;
  • Changes to objectives, targets or other elements of the EnMS.
  • Changes to allocation of resources”. (IMO: Module 6. 2016, 21.)