ISO5001 Energy Management System Overview

ISO 50001 is a worldwide voluntary standard which is developed by the International Organization for Standardization. It is tasked to provide the international framework for different organizations to manage and improve their energy performance and to reduce their GHG emissions. The standard addresses the following:

  • The consumption of used energy and consumption evaluation via conducting energy reviews and development of energy policies.
  • Documentation, measurement and reporting of energy use and consumption.
  • Procurement and design practices for energy-using equipment, systems, and processes.
  • Development of an energy management plan and other factors affecting energy performance that can be monitored and influenced by the organization.

ISO 50001 applies to all different types of industry.

Energy Management System (EnMS) helps organizations to set goals and pursue them. it helps industry manage energy efficiency and reduce emissions (Ziarati et al, MariFuture, Development Papers, 2018-2019).